Signs Alcoholism Treatment Is Needed

Many alcohol abusers live in denial that they have alcohol problems. This situation compounds the addiction thus making recovery very difficult. However, an individual who suspects that a loved one is abusing alcohol can be on the lookout for a number of signs.

These signs signal that the person should receive treatment for alcohol abuse immediately. For starters, the individual will turn to alcohol to relieve stress. Secondly, the individual takes a large amount of alcohol to loosen up. This can be attributed to the fact that the individual has developed a high tolerance towards alcohol.

Another sign to watch out for is that consumption of alcohol becomes a focal point in the various professional or social activities that the individual takes part in. Fourth, the person has erratic behavior coupled up with irritability. The alcoholic may also become temperamental and difficult to get along with.

Signs Alcoholism Treatment Is Needed

Alcohol affects various aspects of the individual’s life: family and work, among others. At the work place, the individual will constantly miss deadlines, besides frequent lateness. In addition to that, his or her quality of work will deteriorate. Another sign to look out for is that the individual has poor business judgment.

An alcoholic will also have an alcoholic odor, especially on the breath. An alcoholic in need of treatment for alcohol abuse will also develop trembling tendencies. His or her hands will constantly shake in the morning and in instances where he or she hasn’t had a drink. His or her skin appearance will change.

The individual develops flushes on his or her cheeks and nose. Alcohol abuse also leads to weight gain or weight loss. In many instances, an alcoholic will have legal difficulties. These legal difficulties arise from various situations which the individual finds him or herself in (e.g. drunken driving charges).

An alcoholic also has difficulty in concentrating; moreover he or she lacks energy and complains of fatigue. When the individual is questioned about his or her drinking habit, the individual will feel guilty or ashamed. This guilt or shame is also experienced when the individual drinks alcohol.

An alcohol abuser will strive to hide his or her drinking habit from friends or family. This is attributed to the fact that the individual feels that he or she has let down a lot of people. Moreover, relationships between friends and relatives will begin crumbling.

This comes about due to the fact that the individual pushes away people around him or her as alcohol takes center stage in his or her life. Gradually, the individual will find him or herself isolated and look for help. The person will also look back and realize how alcohol has destroyed his or her life.

Faced with this reality, the individual will strive to kick this habit by undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse. An important point worth noting about treatment for alcohol abuse is that it should be voluntary. An individual who freely commits him or herself to the treatment process is more likely to recover than one who is coerced into the treatment process.

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